Ever wanted to unlock the full potential of your smartphone camera?  Welcome to Smartphone Studios.  Here we will share our tips, tricks and tools we use to get the most out of our phones on a daily basis.  Each episode will get a little more in depth, but we start with the basics.  If this interests you, click on the link below to find out more about our in-studio, production classes!

Season 2

Episode 1

In this episode, Joe shows us how to hook up your iPhone to a confidence monitor! Just to make sure you have that money shot. 

Episode 2

Want a live control room in the palm of your hand? We'll show you how in this episode of Smartphone studios.

season 1

Episode 1

Did you know the iPhone 6 can shoot in 4K? In this episode we teach you some iPhone camera basics you MIGHT not have known about. Check it out!

episode 2

In this episode of Smartphone Studios we introduce you to the FiLMiC Pro app.  It's the best app out there to unlock the professional features of your smartphone.

Episode 4

In this episode of Smartphone Studios we show you how to optimize the audio quality of your Smartphone videos using some cables we picked up from

episode 3

In this episode of Smartphone Studios we introduce you to the Joby Gorillapod.  It's a great tool for stabilizing that video and getting some unique shots.

Episode 5

In this tutorial/review we introduce you to the Beastgrip pro.  This rig allows you to easily attach all the peripherals you could want to your smartphone setup.