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2018 LRF Edforum Chat

BIB's Joe Mauceri sat down for a livestream chat at the 2018 North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma in Manhattan Beach. There, he discussed breakthroughs in lymphoma research with Dr. Laurie Sehn and lymphoma survivor Dexter Neal.

DVF Awards 2018

BIB Media live streamed the 2018 Diane Von Furstenberg awards. The awards celebrate women who display leadership, strength and courage in their respective fields.

LRF Ed Forum chat 2018

BIB Media's very own, Joe Mauceri moderated this year's LRF Ed Forum discussion in Manhattan Beach, California. He spoke with Dr. Laurie Sehn and lymphoma survivor, Dexter Neal in a Facebook Live broadcast produced by BIB Media.

LRFIO Chat - Immunotherapy @ Sloan Kettering

BIB's Joe Mauceri visited Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center research labs to speak with Dr. Andrew Zelenetz and Dr. Lia Palomba about exciting advancements in immunotherapy. The chat was filmed and live-streamed by BIB.

DVF - Women in Charge

On day one of the Diane Von Furstenberg Women #InCharge panels, we live-streamed bold-women writers who aren't afraid to tell their story.

Newhouse NYC - Discussion

David Stern, arguably the country’s most effective executive in media, and former Warner Bros. President, Edward Bleier, discuss how far media and cable have come and what the future holds.

9/11 Day Organization - Come from Away

Paul Wood interviews Jay Winuk and Joel Hatch about, Come From Away, a musical written about a flight that was grounded in Newfoundland on 9/11.

LRF CAR t cell therapy

BIB Media's, Joe Mauceri moderated this Facebook Live interview about Car T cell therapy for cancer treatment. Joe interviewed Dr. Karen Jacobson and Dr. Jeremy Abramson.

9/11 Day Organization - “Prayer”

A performance of the song, "Prayer", from the musical Come From Away at 9/11 Day aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid.

9/11 Day Organization - “America the Beautiful”

A performance of "America The Beautiful" by the West Point Glee Club at the 2018 9/11 Day of Service.


9/11 Day Organization - Kids

Aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid, BIB Media streamed live to Facebook an interview with Paul Wood and children born on September 11th. Tune in to hear what 9/11 means to them.

LRF Ed Forum Chat 2017

BIB Media's, Joe Mauceri moderated the 2017 LRF Ed Forum discussion in our backyard, Brooklyn NY. He spoke with Dr. Andrew Evens, Dr. Kara Kelly, and Dr. Eduardo Sotomayor in a Facebook Live broadcast where they answered questions in real time from viewers.