3d tours

Want to set your real-estate apart from the competition? Then transport your potential buyers inside properties so they can look around for themselves.

BIB Media can create high-quality, 3D tours that are sure to pique the interest of any potential buyer or renter. Click on the play button below and use the mouse to direct your way around these beautiful, Hawaiian homes. A floor plan will show up to the left side of the screen to help guide you between floors, rooms and even to the outdoor space - you can hide this by clicking the arrow to the left side of the screen. If you click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen you can preview each room. Clicking the "tag" button at the top right of the screen will mark areas you particularly like and the dots on the floor will jump from vantage point to vantage point to help guide your journey. Not real enough for you?  Why not break out a virtual reality headset and have your client look around as if they're really there.  All our 3D tours come with VR capability.

We hope you enjoy what you see!

3d Model

Want to plan out your space?  Click the play button to see a dollhouse-style layout of the space.  

Once your 3D experience loads you can click and drag to look all around the space. If you want to see what it looks like from the inside, click the icon of a person in the bottom left corner. You’ll be transported inside the space.  

Click once to bring up the advanced menu then use the icons to transform the space.


  • person: move around the room

  • palette: changes wall colors

  • ruler: View measurements

  • couch: view furniture catalog

Or you can just click and drag to explore for yourself.

Hi-res photos

We know in the high-tech world you still need stills. Take a look at the photos and floor plans we're able to create for your properties. 

Home Sweet Home - Long Island, NY

 If you’d like us to produce a tour for your property, please give us a call at (718) 662-6329 or e-mail: founders@bibmedia.tv

-Joe Mauceri


"Born In Brooklyn. Believe The Hype."