Episode 2: Adam Lefkoe

Thanks for listening to Broadcasting In Black & White (BIBW)!  In episode 2 we talked to Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe.  You can listen to the podcast below and check out some of the things we talked about.

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Adam On Social Media

Twitter: @AdamLefkoe

Instagram: AdamLefkoe

Checkout the "Simms and Lefko Podcast" on Bleacher Report.


Mint Juleps

Adam hates the Mint Julep.  I'm a fan!  Here's a recipe from Epicurious.com.  Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

"World's Best Anchor"

Sportscasts like the one below led to deadspin.com calling Adam the "World's Best Anchor".  You can check out the article here.  

Feature Stories

Adam talked about the impact that feature stories can have, even in sports.  Check out this story about 5-year-old Jackson Connors and his "lucky hand".

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
— Seneca (Roman Philosopher)