Episode 4: Taj Rani

In episode 4 of Broadcasting In Black & White we catch up with Taj Rani.  Taj is quickly becoming the face of BET digital.  She started a show called "The Buzz" which spun off into "The Warmup".  Now she's also the face of "BET Breaks" a social media centric update on the hottest topics in pop-culture.  During the podcast we talk about faking it through the rough days at work when you're on-air, overcoming being told you're not good-looking enough to be on-air, and Taj explains "Black Twitter" to me.  Check out the podcast and the show notes below.  Thanks for listening!

Taj on Social Media

Taj on BET's "The Buzz"

Taj on BET's "The Buzz"

Twitter: @TAJrani

Instagram: @tajrani

Snapchat: @taj_rani

#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies on Twitter


You can check out some of the work Taj does on #BETBreaks by clicking on the picture to the right------------------------>