Episode 8: Wayne Freedman (Part 1)

Wayne Freedman is a master storyteller.  The reporter for KGO won more than 50 Emmy awards before he decide to take a step back and give others a chance to take home a trophy.  Wayne wrote his first column for the Los Angeles Daily News when he was 14 years old and he is still helping narrate history.  He is also the author of "It Takes More Than Good Looks To Succeed In Television News Reporting".  Wayne was nice enough to share the two most important words every journalist should ask.  Anyone involved in telling stories can take something away from this conversation.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Wayne on Social Media

Twitter: @WayneFreedman

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Walking on Water

This is the scene from the movie "Being There" that Wayne referenced in his recent weather story.

It’s us against them and let’s get it done.
— Wayne Freedman on reporter and photographer teams


Wayne references the NPPA several times in our conversation.  For those who might not be familiar the NPPA is the National Press Photographers Association.  Check out their website for some of their tips and work.

What’s happening?
— Wayne Freedman on the two words every reporter needs to ask themselves

"The Penny Experiment"

In the podcast we discuss Wayne's story "The Penny Experiment".  That story was recently featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  Check out Wayne's story and then check out how Oliver used it in his story.  What do you think?

It’s better to please your boss before you please yourself.
— Wayne Freedman on surviving in TV News