Episode 11: Kenton's Top 10 Mistakes

We all love lists, right?  We all hate making mistakes, right?  Network photographer Kenton Young shares his top 10 mistakes so we can all learn from them and avoid making the same ones in the field.  Sometimes they might seem obvious, but creating a checklist from Kenton's mistakes can help... we hope.  Have you made the same mistakes before?  Other mistakes you've made that others can learn from?  Share them with us on twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for listening.

Kenton's Mistakes (In no particular order)

Never leave with just one tape or piece of media.

Make sure you charge you batteries after every shift.

Never leave a camera with no media loaded.

Unless you have your gear strictly assigned to you,  always pre-check before going out in the field. 

Set (compose) your shot before hitting the record button. 

Communicate with your reporter.  Be on the same page to ensure they write to your video, especially if you're editing it. 

Edit in camera shooting, especially for breaking news.  

Try to be 2 steps ahead of the next move to be made. 

Don't light someone on a white wall if possible. 

When mic'ing your subject, make sure they're talking into the mic and not away from the mic.