John's 2019 Summer Recap

Born in Brooklyn Media has been a great first job in the media industry. Every skill of mine from editing, to filming, to communicating with co-workers has improved vastly during my time here. Wasting no time getting into the thick of things, my first day included pitching ideas for an awards video to be shot later on in the Summer. Since then, I have edited videos for a social media campaign, shot footage of some of Brooklyn’s most unique buildings, and designed graphics I would have never thought I was able to make. Add in everything I produced in-between and I had myself a summer full of experience that I will take with me for the rest of my journeys.

For anyone planning on applying to Born in Brooklyn in the future; here is a testament as to the amazing environment you are provided here. While at most production internships you will be itching to get your hands on something important, here it is handed to you. Instead of spending my time getting cups of coffee or answering phones, I was in Final Cut taking care of projects for clients. And you aren’t babied either; it’s your job to take what Leslie and Joe are after and bring it to life. But it’s not like you won’t interact with them. Leslie taking hours out of her day to give me a lesson on honing my camera skills was one of the greatest things I took from this job. Despite the fact that it’s not something I can put on my resume or show in my portfolio, it is something that will do wonders for every video I shoot for the rest of my life. To whomever succeeds me, Ryan and Haruka as BIB’s next interns, you’re in for an amazing experience that you will never forget.

- John Bantivoglio