Episode 13: Sarina Morales (Part 1)

Sarina Morales of ESPN takes us from her time playing sports against the guys in the Bronx to the halls at Bristol.  After lying to her friends and family about having a job when she left for London, Sarina eventually got a job at the company she said she was working for.  After her visa expired across the pond, she came back to NYC for a short time before landing a job as a Nike Field Reporter.  She'd go on to work at TruTV and National Geographic, before ESPN.  But it wasn't always easy for Sarina.  In Part 1 we talk about the struggle to break into the broadcasting industry.  Part 2 will be out next week.

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SportsCenter :AM

Sarina and the crew started the new version of SportsCenter the day after the Super Bowl. 

I Crossed The Pond



This was Sarina's blog when she was in London.  At one point she had just $6 in her bank account.  Thanks to magic of the internet it's still there to enjoy.  Learn a little bit more about how she got her first industry job thanks to a Facebook message in the early days of the website.

Sarina Morales Nike Field Reporter