Episode 14: Sarina Morales (Part 2)

When we left Sarina at the end of the last episode she had just wrapped up her year as a Nike Field Reporter.  But she didn't just land at ESPN when her time with Nike was over.  In this episode she takes us from her time as an executive assistant for an investment banking company to TruTV, National Geographic, and finally ESPN.  While she was at Nat Geo, Sarina helped grow the social media presence from 300,000 followers to more than 3-million.

Sarina on Social

Instagram: moralesmorales

Twitter: @Sarina

Facebook: Sarina Morales

Snapchat: Sarina

Nat Geo Goes Social

Check out some of the campaigns Sarina helped lead at National Geographic on social media.


"My reason to work at ESPN is thanks to National Geographic." -Sarina Morales

Be True To You

This is the video that helped Sarina land a job at ESPN.

"You're great, we just don't know what to do with you." -Sarina on her first interview at ESPN
"You don't have to be a reporter to be a newsmaker." -Sarina Morales

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